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Founded in 1978, our company has been providing services under the brand name of Dodo for twelve years, and it has the largest retail store of Turkey. At the same time, it is a children and teenage room brand with the widest product range in Turkey. Providing a personalized architectural service especially to children's living spaces, Dodo offers 100% guest satisfaction by showing how the set will look in the room before serving parents. With the harmony of technology and design elements in the production track, Dodo promises a world of their own in the children's imagination.


Dodo Kids and Teens room brings together elements that contribute to the mental and physical development of children through R&D studies. In addition, with the newest design offered every month, it prioritizes an innovative production and an original design line. Dodo Children and Teens Room offers a personalized space for our children, the bright generation of the future, to spend time with themselves in their private spaces, discover their talents and become individuals with a high sense of belonging. It works to respond appropriately to the dreams, hopes and talents of our children by conducting a social benefit-oriented communication with social responsibility projects.


While Dodo Kids and Teens Room cares about 100% guest satisfaction with its quality and design-oriented approach, it offers a safe and personalized world where children can pass their pedagogical process between 0-6 years in the healthiest way. For this, it works to make both parents and children happy. While providing an economic advantage to parents with its quality over durability, it offers children the first homes of their lives, that is, their rooms with its design-oriented approach.

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